Lawyer Mums Australia is a fantastic initiative. Within hours of being set up, it attracted so much interest and I am not surprised as there is a real desire on the part of working lawyer mums to share their experiences. This is an excellent resource, and I have used it already for so many personal and professional purposes. I hope it grows from strength to strength as there is so much valuable information and knowledge to be shared.

Lauren Barel, Principal at Workdynamic Australia & Mother of 2

Lawyer Mums Australia is the mothers’ group I’ve been waiting for. Here is a forum for like-experienced and like-minded women to share their complicated journey through their climb up the career ladder (with one leg) while raising their kids (with the other). This forum has provided me with invaluable insights to coping with the increasing demands on female lawyers in Australia who are negotiating an already conservative, male dominated industry with the added complexity of parenthood, family and societal pressures to be everything to everyone all the time. I can trust the Lawyer Mums to not just hear me, but to truly understand where I am coming from.

Mary Sheargold, Competition & Consumer Law Senior Associate, CIE Legal, & Mother

It was very exciting to find out that there was a specific group set up for lawyer mums, let alone to see how fast this group grew and the calibre and variety in the careers of women who joined. A lot has been recently said in the media (and on the grapevine) about the challenges faced by women in law generally, much less – about the challenges of women who are mothers, especially those who choose to juggle careers and family in equal parts and work part-time. To me, that is the real challenge for women – balancing a career and active and present parenthood, much more so than battling against outdated stereotypes based solely on gender. I think so much can be done to help not only women, but all parents, achieve and maintain a proper balance between career and family life and a group like this is absolutely invaluable in this very important exercise which can benefit many future generations of lawyers and their children.

Rina Sheftalovich, Senior Associate at TressCox Lawyers & Mother of 2

As lawyers, we understand having access to precedents can save time, support quality outcomes and avoid reinventing the wheel. Tapping into others’ successful experiences of integrating family commitments and a legal career is just good sense. If you are a lawyer–mother or you have one in your life, I encourage you to explore this supportive specialised resource.

Frances Dunn, Superannuation Senior Associate at Allens and Mother of 1 (soon to be 2)

Lawyer Mums Australia is a fantastic resource. It is a wonderful way to network with other working mums in the industry and it is a great support group as well.

Jen McCosker, King & Wood Mallesons and Mother

I commend Lawyer Mums Australia to EVERY SINGLE WORKING LAWYER MOTHER. Mothers who participate in the workforce are nothing new in Australia. Even Mothers who work as lawyers in top tier firms and large corporates are not new. BUT what’s new is those lawyer Mums working together behind the scenes to support and assist each other in a practical way to enable their ongoing contribution to the workplace while maintaining a happy and healthy family and home life – IT’S ALL POSSIBLE!! Lawyer Mums Australia is an amazing tool that enables Lawyer Mums to help each other via an informal network that provides referrals and tips for the balancing act that we all undertake each day. If you can’t learn something that helps you, you will definitely help someone else and that will make you and them feel good!!

Justine Turnbull, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw Australia and Mother of 2

I have found Lawyer Mums Australia to be a fantastic resource – it is a wonderful community of like-minded Mums sharing their varying stories of how they manage the daily juggle.  There is lots of support and ideas and the members are always happy to offer advice for any questions or problems posed in the group, as well as sharing links to interesting resources.  I have used the group to ask questions, to share advice and to even find a specialist in a particular area of law.  I am excited to see how this group grows and to explore all the networking and other professional development opportunities that it presents.

Sophie MacIntosh, M&A Senior Associate at Ashurst and Mother of 2

Lawyer Mums Australia is a great way for mothers working in the law to share their experiences and support each other. You won’t be the only one who has ever wondered if you can juggle kids and a career, so why not draw on those who have faced the same issues, some of which are unique to the legal profession, and some of which are universal to working mothers everywhere.

Susan PriceDirector, People, PwC & Mother of three

What a fabulous way to connect with other mums in the legal profession. Run by a highly responsive founder, Anthea McIntyre, this is a fantastic forum to discuss anything from how to tackle the working mum balance to flexible and family friendly job opportunities.

Gina DungerM&A lawyer & Mother of 2 (soon to be 3)